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Located a short drive North from Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast is so much more than stunning beaches; there’s also a lush hinterland and vibrant craft brewery scene. Sunny Coast residents are known for being laid back, friendly and fond of the beautiful natural wonders that line our Coast.

Want more info on how you can help our community and small businesses? Look no further!

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Growth and Opportunities

Tourism share by region in 2016/2017 Financial Year
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Did you know that in Queensland, International tourists predominantly select Brisbane and the Gold Coast as their holiday destination of choice? In 2016-2017, only 11.3% of tourists visiting Queensland chose to visit the Sunshine Coast.

Tourism in Queensland set to growth exponentially over the next decade. The Sunshine Coast is in a great position to experience sustainable growth across almost all industries as tourists consume a diverse range of services.

Dataset: [International Visitors by Tourism Region - Queensland Government].

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Creating jobs and a better future

Helping and supporting local businesses creates new job opportunities for local residents, maintains our community spirit and also gives smaller businesses a fighting chance for success as the tourism industry grows within the region.

Supporting our local community is easily! Simply choose to shop local where possible. For more information, check out our Local Business Hub.

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Why Tourism

Tourism is an essential part of the Australian economy, directly contributing $54.7 billion in 2016-17, while employing 1 in 20 Australians and growing 1 in 8 businesses1. While Brisbane has seen an increase of 8.5% YoY for direct tourism GVA, the Sunshine Coast has held steady with less than 1% growth YoY for 2016-172. Tourism to the Sunshine Coast generates half the $GVA than tourism to the Gold Coast.

Tourism directly employs 11.6% of the total workforce on the Sunshine Coast contributing to the Food Services, Accomodation, Retail Trade and Transportation industries. With Australian Tourism forecast to grow by 50% in the next 10 years3 there has never been a better time to #BoastYourCoast and get behind tourism growth in the Sunshine Coast to support the local community.

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Living on the Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is home to a diverse range of people! The majority of Sunshine Coast residents are professionals, technician or trade workers, community service workers and clerical staff.

Sustainable growth within the tourism industry will ensure more jobs for local residents, meaning a more secure future and stronger community.

Dataset: [Queensland Employment by Industry - Sunshine Coast Council (ABS)].